The latest pandemic COVID 19 is caused by Corona virus, which is not a new virus to the human race completely but the present strain may be. Corona virus causes common cold along with Adeno virus and Rhino virus. It has also been responsible for certain epidemics in the past like SARS in 2003 and MERS in 2015. The main reason for COVID 19 being a devastating pandemic is that it has high infectivity rate compared to the previous ones which had low infectivity rate (though they had more fatality rate). Another difference is COVID 19 can infect any common person but the outcome is determined by the underlying co morbid conditions like hypertension, cardiac disease, immunocompromised states (diabetes mellitus, malignancy, elderly age >65yr etc.).

Incubation Period:

The time period between a person getting infected with the virus and the symptoms development. Though the patient is not symptomatic they may spread the virus to others.

Average incubation period for COVID-19 is 14 days.

This means that one who is infected on day one will not have symptoms and there lies the importance of Quarantine and Prevention by different measures.

Mode of transmission:

Respiratory droplets like saliva, cough, sneeze.

Clinical features:

Fever for more than 3 days with 101-102 degree Fahrenheit along with body pains and tiredness.

Respiratory complaints like cold, cough, breathing difficulty.

The above mentioned symptoms may vary from person to person.