It is during times of uncertainty that the strength of humanity is tested. The COVID-19 pandemic that is haunting the globe right now has left many to wonder if there is even light at the end of this long dark tunnel!


While a COVID-19 free world is the dream of many health care workers and researchers who are tirelessly working to find ways to contain this virus, the COVID 19 Tamil task force has been put together with the only aim of helping and supporting all Americans in this time of need.


The task force has trained board certified doctors and volunteers who irrespective of their origins and roots stand united by the common humanitarian goal – support and help individuals and communities who have been impacted by COVID -19

Below are services we currently provide

  • Provide PPE (personal protective equipment) and other supplies to volunteers, health care workers, environmental, community workers and families in need
  • Help deliver medications, food, groceries and other essential supplies to family members suffering from COVID-19 (on quarantine and/ or isolation) including the elderly and estranged family members of patients
  • Provide psychological, emotional, nutritional and advisory support to the children of infected parents who have been hospitalized
  • Communicate and collaborate with family members in India and help recovering patients rehabilitate and restart their routine life
  • Help family members in India to claim the remains of deceased patients and arrange for the deceased patient’s savings to be legally available for the benefit of their family
  • Provide medical support to students and the elderly who have been stranded in the US as they cannot travel back to India
  • Collaborate with the Indian Consulate and respond to any other help needed
  • Organize weekly webinars covering topics on Immigration, COVID-19 medical updates / awareness by panelists from varied medical backgrounds